Sep 6, 2013

MOTHER the Looker

Denimlovers, beware! Forget about 7forallmankind and JBrand (no wait, scrap that, they're awesome), because there is a new name on my horizon: MOTHER the Looker. Not only do they provide you with the perfect ankle zip basic skinnies, they're also really good at doing the most amazing prints. Dull jeans, buhbyeee!

The other day, Blake Lively set the example by wearing these Kissed Me Floral jeans and let's just say, this look is TDF. Yes. 'To Die For' that is.

Aug 16, 2013

all black ootd

Forgive me Fashion Gods, for I have sinned... I had been drooling over the Balenciaga Buckle Boots since forever and once I realized I would never be able to afford them while I'm still in school, I actually even got a little bit depressed over it. So I was looking at alternatives, and decided not to spend my money on exact replicas, but instead to go for kinda-the-same-but-not-really-the-same lookalikes. In my mind, that was more justifiable. These Zara boots were gorgeous in my eyes, and although not the real deal and probably not even close to the real deal-comfort level, hey, they'll have to do.

What I wore: zara leather shorts / lpd new york phoebe philo tee / zara boots / h&m trend necklace / cos bag

Aug 15, 2013

new in

new in: zara buckle boots (cuz balenciaga was out of my league) / h&m winter coat / lpd new york shirt

Aug 8, 2013

outfit of the day mais oui

Zara is really rocking my world right now: first my new shorts, now some Wang-like sandals in sale ànd a gorgeous statement necklace from their new FW collection - buzziiiin!

h&m blazer / primark blouse / pimkie pants / zara sandals / zara necklace / diy bracelet

Aug 6, 2013

new in: zara shorts

I got these at a ridiculously low price. Go get them while you still can, they'll fit you like a glove!

Aug 4, 2013

balmain wannabe

Such an old tee but it still rocks in my opinion. I will Balmain-ify every plain jane t-shirt I have left hanging in my closet. All you need is 2 shoulderpads, some tule and lots of pretty beads. Yay!

zara tee // h&m boyfriend shorts // dior bracelet // essie nailpolish // local toystore beachball (it has an inflatable fish inside of it, does it get any cooler?)

Jul 29, 2013

A.L.C. Resort 2014

Time to go crazy over the A.L.C. Resort 2014-collection, you go Andrea Lieberman! She is a world traveler and it shows... Effortless chic to the max, I am in love. I'm working on getting my funds together for these beauties, and am hoping to one day get those skinny legs I've been craving so much. Seriously, throw on some simple pants and a delicate top and BAM - ready to conquer the world! Hollaaa!